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Screening time!

Whether you are headed to some local events to get your name out there or if you need some spice in your waiting room, this retractable banner is for you! I love how it focuses on the BENEFITS of chiropractic over pain and suffering themed banners. Bring positive vibes to your event!

prenatal mockup-blue.jpg

2019 Prenatal Benefits

Now with new lettering, new graphics, and more information than the first version! My most popular poster 2.0!!

Go Girl!

Isn’t the female body just AMAZING?! I have had more and more interest in female anatomy products, so while studying for my OBGYN final, I was inspired to create this! Enjoy!


Pelvic Anatomy

Inspired by my experience at the Webster seminar! Excited to add a Pelvic Floor poster soon!



Everyone knows we need to drink a bunch of water, but do they know why?? Here’s 10 reasons right here. Gulp up! NOW AVAILABLE IN BLUE/GREEN

Phases of Care

I designed this poster so that you can easily explain the phases of care with a diagram that is easy to follow. Perfect for your reassessment rooms! Now available in 2 color schemes!


Dermatomes and Fruity Baby Growth Chart!